Performance of the AI Investor.

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This chart displays the performance of the AI Investor: a method for selecting value stocks to invest over a long term horizon.

Updated 31st March 2024!

Stocks are selected every year in a semi-discretionary way, after appraisal of the annual reports.

Portfolio picks are recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. All old stocks are sold every cycle.

The story behind each investment till March 2024 and its performance is below.


CNK +13.7%

BGFV +13.7%

RDFN +12.5%

USX +0.0%

WWW -49.6%

CPS 5.6%

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Build the AI yourself! All the code and stock picking framework is in this book.

This is not investment advice, this is my own interpretation of Value Investing.

Made by @Damon_Lee, layout copied from inflationchart by @Levelsio and by @KanyeWest

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